About us

ARCHIFAIR is a Non-Profit Organisation based in Vienna, Austria. We are a team of motivated architects, who are ambitious to implement sustainable building projects that are tailored to the social context through an extensive engagement with the local community. 


Our objective is to follow a holistic approach in sustainable building in regions of the Global South, and creating an ecosystem which directly benefits local communities. We believe that building projects must have a social impact, either directly by improving the local infrastructure through building hospitals or schools, or more generally, by stimulating local economic and social development through the creation of employment opportunities. Hence, the projects of ArchiFair aim at accelerating economic, social and environmental aspects of local development by safeguarding an extensive community engagement with social entrepreneurs and organizations that operate in these regions. 


We follow the principle that genuinely sustainable construction projects do not only take the environmental performance into consideration, but also include economic aspects, innovative architectonic quality and above all are tailored to the social context. Our main activity is to set up a financial and organizational framework to facilitate such building projects. It is important to us that our projects are realized in close exchange with residents and beneficiaries as well as local experts. Moreover, the impulse for the project comes from the future users themselves. After the building process is completed, the buildings are handed over to a local administration. 

Summing up, ARCHIFAIR includes the local community throughout all stages in the project lifecycle, ensuring a mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise. In addition to the direct social and economic impact we hope to achieve, we adopt sustainable building techniques like rammed earth and adobe bricks. We want to question the conventional way of construction and present an alternative by using natural and sustainable materials. One of our goals is to demonstrate that aesthetic architecture can also be created with natural building materials and the respectful use of resources. 

In the projects we are involved as non-local participants, hence we constantly strive to analyze and improve our own approaches, methods of communication, working methods, and transparency of our work. 

We are always happy about any kind of feedback!